According to Greek Mythology “SK ENERGY” are the Halcyon days, the calm bright days in the midst of winter that the gods gave to the kingfishers to enable them to hatch their eggs. The mythical bird, usually identified with the kingfisher, is said to have the power of charming the winds and waves into calmness.

The Halcyon days are also associated with calmness, serenity, prosperity and happiness.


SK Energy Terminals is a partnership between infrastructure investor InfraVia Capital Partners and energy expert Coloured Finches.

SK Energy Terminals combines the tank storage industry and hands-on operational expertise of Coloured Finches with the infrastructure financing and asset management expertise of InfraVia to acquire, upgrade and optimize liquid bulk terminals. SK Energy strives to own and operate a network of oil products and chemical terminals that fulfil a primary role in the European downstream value chain.

The SK Energy team has a deep understanding of our customer’s business and their strategic interests.

Coloured Finches

Coloured Finches is a Dutch company established by former CEOs from the oil downstream industry in 2012. The independent group is active in the integrated downstream business and has extensive knowledge and experience in owning and operating storage terminals.


InfraVia Capital Partners

InfraVia Capital Partners is an investment manager dedicated to the infrastructure sector. InfraVia Capital Partners manages EUR 4 billion of assets across four infrastructure funds, which are positioned as long term investors across the infrastructure and energy sectors in Europe. InfraVia Capital Partners is affiliated with the OFI Group